It’s a new year and a new year means new apps, more importantly new productivity tools! We understand some of you might still be in the holiday spirit, and if you are then why not have a look at how you can get back into the groove after the holidays. Then once you’re done, and if one of your new year’s resolutions is to be more productive then we have just the list for you. 

Project Management - Trello

Free with business and enterprise plans available

Who doesn’t love lists? There is no better way to organise the thoughts in your head and there is no better way to work on a project than by listing the different steps you need to achieve to reach your goals. When it comes to productivity tools, Trello will definitely take the number one spot. At its core Trello is a list-building application, but once you add teammates to the mix it becomes a powerful project management tool. It helps you and your team organize and prioritize your projects with its boards, lists and cards. All from a simple and easy to use app!

Communications - Slack

Free for small teams, with paid versions available for larger ones

Slack is where work flows, or so goes their tagline which is very true to its nature. If you're looking for a productivity tool to really help communications there is no better place to start. Slack is a communications powerhouse allowing teams to come together effortlessly over a super intuitive application. At its core, Slack is a cloud-based instant messaging app but thanks to its interface and design it helps teams gel better together and work more effectively. 

Social Media - Hootsuite

Free for a limited plan, premium available

Have you ever noticed how some people tend to have an impeccable social presence? These people might either be self-brand addicts or they are using a social media management tool such as Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a social media management tool which lets you integrate all your profiles and pages from different social media accounts under an intuitive, simple to use application. It lets you preschedule your posts and also measure their success. But Hootsuite really shines if you’re running a business and you need to collaborate with your teammates.

Workflow Management - Asana

Freemium with options to upgrade for larger organisations

If you want to merge the power of lists together with communications prowess then Asana is your go to tool. Developed by Facebook co-founder and Dustin Moskovitz and Facebook engineer Justin Rosenstein initially to improve the productivity at Facebook, you know this tool is going to deliver since it has such illustrious beginnings. This SaaS app improves team collaboration by managing tasks and projects with the added benefit of integrating tools such as internal communications, calendars and file attachments. Asana helps you refocus your work away from email so you and your team can work smarter.

Honorable mention - Flux


I’ve been a devout user of Flux for some time now and I will recommend it to anyone who asks about my favourite computer apps. The premise is simple. This app will adjust the amount of blue light given out by your computer’s screen according to the sunlight in your timezone. This means that as soon as the sun starts going down, the app will start slowly turning the light emanating from the screen to a more orangey tint helping your eyes get ready for nighttime. But this is not a productivity app I hear you say! Well, I would disagree there as one of the best productivity tools we humans can make use of is a good night’s sleep and Flux helps you get there. 

Are there any other productivity tools you use? Let us know, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line here.