We've discussed remote work in one of our recent blogposts - but now that we're faced with it, mostly out of necessity and precaution, we ask - how does one stay motivated whilst working remotely? In these challenging times, it is lucky that some of us have the option to work from home. It may also be challenging in terms of creativity - as the world's mood and the situation itself will naturally dampen our spirits. Here we outline ways to stay motivated whilst working remotely.

So what can you do to help yourself stay on the ball and energised? Here at EGG, we've (remotely) brainstormed and come up with some things which have helped us stay motivated whilst working remotely.

First of all, make sure you have the right space.

If you don't have a desk at home, find a quiet spot and set up an impromptu desk with as few distractions as possible. "Going to work" now means walking to the desk, getting in the zone and getting stuff done. Having a "special" space for work helps create a boundary between work and life - like cooking, a good read, watering the plants, a top shelf that needs dusting.

Having a "special" space for work helps create a boundary between work and life.
Having a "special" space for work helps create a boundary between work and life.

Get ready for work

What do you usually do before going to work? Shower, get dressed, feed the cat, make the bed, or whatever else fits your bill - do it! Don't underestimate the power of getting dressed here - perhaps don't take out your finest shirt and tie, but do make an effort. This will help you tick a few things off your list and help you move on to the next step...

Stick to your usual 'just got to work' routine (with some adjustments)...

For me, it's always - switch on laptop, a swift look at emails, then coffee. This puts my brain in 'work mode'. If you usually relish the walk from your car to your office, maybe take a walk before sitting on your chair for the next couple of hours.

Take breaks.

As it happens, working from home may make you feel like you should prove yourself and thus avoid taking breaks. This won't make you any more productive. Look away from the screen, every so often, as you would if you were at the office. Stand up, make a coffee or tea (again), look out the window, stretch, or even make a phone call. You're human and this will not make you any less efficient. Just avoid social media - you probably don't need any more screen time. If you have to, look at memes and have a laugh. Then get back at it. Time yourself, as you would at the office.

Use productivity tools

If there is one thing we're not lacking - it's the range of apps aimed at helping you #getstuffdone. With an app like Slack, you can communicate with your colleagues or to a whole team through a channel and keep each other in the loop. Need their opinion on something you're working on? It's easy to share files too!

Bottom line: Staying motivated whilst working remotely is possible, if we create the environment for it. Let's stay in, stay safe and #getstuffdone.

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