As humans we are constantly moving forward, striving at every stage in our lives to develop and better ourselves. Working is a fundamental part of that development and it is therefore ideal that we follow a career path that makes us happy. A job can either be a huge source of happiness due to the never- ending opportunities and experiences it presents, or, it could have the opposite effect and feel like a huge burden weighing us down.

While growing up we tend to live a passive life, influenced by family and friends, unequipped to make certain decisions that will effect the rest of our lives. However, once all schooling years, internships and first jobs are over the next steps are less straight forward. For the first time we find ourselves having to choose a direction or experience that is not pre planned and we're faced with the difficult question, what next?

When choosing a career or a job that will make you happy start by looking at yourself. In this case, there are no top ten tips to give you the answer.  There is a common phrase ‘Do what you are’ which suggests doing something that you are innately good at. When a person loves what they do it enhances their lives, nourishes the most important aspects of their personality and allows them to feel optimistic about their future.

Here are some personality traits, according to Myers Briggs, that can guide you to discover yourself a bit more:

  1. How do you interact with the world? Are you more of an extrovert or an Introvert?
  2. How do you notice things? Through sensing or more intuitively?
  3. How do you make decisions? By thinking things through or following a gut feeling?
  4. Do you prefer to live in a more structured way or a more spontaneous way?

These types of questions can help you decide the line of work that would suit you best. Have a read through this website for some guidance . Interestingly, it puts elements of your personality together and shows you that the combination of those elements will make you more suited for certain roles than others. The more self-aware you are the less time you will waste trying to decide where and how you will be happy. For some people, it is obvious that they are writers, lawyers, marketers or doctors. For those of you who find it less obvious, spend some time looking at yourself, think of your natural abilities and ask yourself, who am I? what do I love to do? what do I naturally excel at and what are my weaknesses? This may sound quite existential but it’s the first step to lead you in the right direction. Another great way is asking people you trust and love for genuine feedback about your personality. Whatever you do try not to get defensive, the path to self-awareness means being open to all feedback.

So go on, take some time to reflect and then contact us. Together,  we will find you that job that will hopefully bring you ultimate satisfaction and happiness!